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Full Version: MafiaStarter Dead Thread
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It would seem the campaign didn't work out for you. :(
Thank you for trying to get my account past the bot detector thing.
No problem!

Who do you think are the mafia?
Still think Cory has good potential to be. Thread is making me feel like orange is too.

Fairly confident Sooh and shad are town.

It wasn't mentioned in the setup. I assume for balance purposes that the RB is mafia. Yes?
Yeah, the rb is mafia and I kind of thought it was obvious that it was.
I have seen town rb, but it would have been unbalanced if both powers were town.
Hello friends<3

Something like:

Feel good about

Don't feel bad about

Don't remember

Until a couple of hours ago Cory was more like Cory?????????????????????????????????????????????????? lol

It may be fairer to say Chris is null, I don't think he's at all out of scum or town range, but there have been a couple of things that raised hackles that will probably just be me "not getting the joke" again :(

That said I guess Chris is enjoying the early town reads lol <3

And maybe perc is my spiritual home :unsure:
As in constant Chris paranoia lol<3
Although given I'm missing a third of the thread including most of the long posts I should probably add some more ???? And prefix it with lol!BFG
I guess full disclosure my don't feel bad about are closer to null than anything :(

Tldr lol!bfg
awesome stuff!
So the doc is currently doccing a wolf who is considering claiming to be the doc in order to fish out reactions.

Seems unnecessary, and probably makes a lot of my reads wrong lol

Don't think I see Chris or shad supporting that

Can see balrog doccing sirren, and a lot of players doccing Cory, but he makes that play approximately never
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