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Full Version: Danganronpa related roleplaying game [5 more needed]
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Hey everyone, long time no see

I'm running a roleplay game on CR related to Danganronpa (you do not need to have played DR, many of the people signed up haven't). It's somewhat similar to mafia, somewhat isn't. It's primarily more of a roleplay game in that you just do whatever you want your original character to do, rather than focusing on winning or losing

Every phase someone will die. Then everybody has to figure out who the killer is or someone will be randomly chosen and will also die. Finding out who the killer is works more like a murder mystery with clues than using mafia metagame logic

That's the sign-up thread if you're interested
Oh and I guess I'll also add that this is much less time intensive than a usual mafia game as you only need to focus on whatever the current "chapter" is, rather than rereading posts and trying to get in a user's head. You just solve mysteries while roleplaying
Sounds interesting, when is it likely to start?
Aiming for Friday
I'll think about it.
It's full now, but you can be a replacement if you'd like
Hi!!! I made my account just now, I'll be able to get caught up on everything tomorrow. So sorry, real life sucked me away all this week and I completely forgot.


I will think about that also ;d
Sorry pal, you missed it!! ;d
Is anyone here still into roleplaying? Are there any events like this one on the horizon?