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These rules apply to every aspect of this site, whether it is a round of mafia, somewhere in the VG Arcade, or even PM's. All infractions will be handled accordingly.

  1. Implied consent
  2. By joining this forum, all members agree abide by the rules, and accept the consequences of breaking them. Any punishment may also result in deletion of offence-related content.

    Upon breaking a rule, members will receive a maximum of 2 formal warnings from the staff. Breaking the rules after such warnings have been issued will result in a ban. Each ban is followed by a probationary period of matching length. If a rule is broken during the probation, a member will be banned two levels past their previous ban. Depending on the severity and frequency of the offenses, the staff will decide which level of ban to enforce.

    Ban levels:
    1 Week Ban
    2 Week Ban
    1 Month Ban
    2 Month Ban
    Permanent Ban

  3. The Umbrella Clause
  4. The absence of a specific rule does not allow members the freedom to be terrible. The staff reserves the right to decide whether or not a member's behaviour is appropriate.
  5. Members are responsible for their content
  6. The staff will not be held responsible for any illegal or harmful content, and will comply with authorities if necessary. No excessively explicit or vulgar content is allowed, including criminal activity, violence, gore, hate speech, nudity, pornography, etc.
  7. Be courteous
  8. Show other members the same level of respect that you'd like to be shown. Don't facilitate controversial situations with other members.
  9. Do not abuse the report function
  10. Don't report posts unless you have a legitimate issue with their content. Don't police the enjoyment of other members.
  11. Resolve any inter-member issues with staff members
  12. The staff is here to handle disputes. Any issue posted publicly (rather than privately brought to a staff attention) will not be treated with legitimacy.
  13. Resolve any staff issues with administration
  14. If one of the administrators is the one you have a dispute with, take it to another staff member privately. Any issue posted publicly (rather than privately brought to a staff attention) will not be treated with legitimacy.
  15. No political or religious discussions
  16. Debate and propaganda regarding these topics are forbidden.
  17. One account is allotted per user
  18. Using multiple accounts without the expressed consent of the staff is grounds for punishment.
  19. Rules are subject to change
  20. If the staff feels they are unsatisfactory, the rules will be amended. Should the rules change, a forum wide notification will be issued, and must be read by all members. Members are responsible for keeping up to date with any rule changes.
  21. Staff word is final
  22. Once an issue has been handled, the decision is final. If you have an issue with a decision, take it up with staff in private.
This site is a site made by the fans of mafia and various media, for the fans of mafia and various media. We do not claim to own any copyrighted material presented on this site.

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