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I understand and agree that by participating in the game:

All actions made in the game must adhere to the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play. All in-game actions are towards the in-game victory. All actions expressed in the game are without insult, ill-will, harmful intent, or personal grudges. Furthermore, any outside alliances, friendships, or other relationships will not affect any of my decisions in the game.

During any game, the Game Master's (and/or co-GM's and/or proxy GM's) judgments regarding the game are final, and not subject to review. This is excepted ONLY when a forum rule is broken, or under very extreme circumstances. All cases will be assessed and processed by Vendetta Strada staff members only. In these exceptions, the staff decision is then final.

The use of meta-game methods for collecting and disseminating information is grounds for penalization. This majorly includes (but isn't limited to):

  • Screenshots of game-related content.
  • Creating/using a secondary account.
  • Using non-players to aid you.
  • Threatening, extorting, bribing, or otherwise forcing/buying the behaviour of any party involved in a game to influence the outcome of a game.
  • Reading restricted conversation areas. (Includes, not limited to: Dead/Spectator Thread, Mafia QuickTopic, other player's role PM's, etc.)

I will always pursue the victory of my faction. I will not knowingly and/or willingly assist other factions, unless it does not interfere with my chances of victory. I will make no attempts, through any action or inaction, to knowingly hinder the efforts of others within my faction to achieve victory.

I will not, through any action or inaction, attempt to ruin the game's experience for others. I will not be arrogant in victory, nor contemptuous in defeat. I will be respectful toward all other players of any background and skill level.

The utilization of means to circumvent the phrasing of this agreement will be considered a violation. Anything determined to violate the spirit of this agreement is subject to penalties on par with a violation of any of the specific directives.

If for any reason it is determined that I am in violation of the MAMA, I understand that I will be penalized for my actions with or without warning, inclusive of being expelled from current and/or future games.

If you are incapable of abiding by this agreement, do not play the game.


  1. All participants must agree to the MAMA in order to play any and all rounds of Mafia.
  2. All round-specific requests (power usage, item usage, affiliating, etc.) must be sent to the Game Master via private message. The use of instant messaging clients to request is forbidden.
  3. Living players may not directly quote any messages they receive from the Game Master without their express consent.
  4. Game Masters reserve the right to remove any player from their game at any time, for any reason they wish.


  1. Living players may not view or post within the Dead Thread, and dead players may not post in the Living Thread. You must immediately contact the GM or a member of the staff if you have the ability to break this rule.
  2. You may not, as a dead player/spectator, reveal round-specific information to living players.
  3. Signing up for a round and being inactive will not be tolerated. Players are removed from a game after a duration of its GM's choosing, which cannot exceed 72 hours to maintain site efficiency.
  4. The abuse of thread access to indiscriminately post irrelevant bulk messages is not allowed. However, you're not required to remain completely on-topic all the time. The more amusing you are, the more lenience you'll receive.

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